Evening falls across the San Antonio skyline, Interstate 35 runs north and south, and downtown high-rises begin to light up. The Hemisphere tower is almost centered in the photo. Welcome to San Antonio.

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NewsFlash 17-86 - August General Membership Meeting
dejoy flyer



Post Office Position Letter
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 76 Corrected SAAAL ELECTON RESULTS

Want to see the election results as they happen?  Create a ZOOM account and log in with the meeting ID that is on the flyer below.  Password is listed as well.

NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 44 Election Day on Zoom
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 42 Ballot Update
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 41 Memorial Day

Update on mask coverings on our COVID 19 page.  Click here for redirect.

NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 40 Ready to Retire (2)
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 39 MVS & Maint Ballots
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 38 Update on Ballots
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 30 Election Info

for April Union meeting minutes

NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 30 Election Info
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 36 May Meeting
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 35 Legislative Director
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 37 Cinco De Mayo

The new leave has been a bit confusing so on the COVID 19 Updates page, we have added the latest handouts to help the membership.  Scroll down to May 1st, 2021.

NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 34 Rerun of Election
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 32 Postal Pulse
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 33 Vaccine Shots

for the Special Re-Run Election issue Dispatch

NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 30 Election Info
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 28 AFL CIO Endorsements
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 23 SAAAL ELECTON RESULTS
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 11 Unauthorized Campaign Practices
Election and Campaign Rules
NewsFlash Vol 17 Number 2 Election Guidelines
NewsFlash Vol 16 Number 75 Use of bulletin boards




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Click on picture for: Statement by APWU President Dimondstein on White House Plan to Privatize the Postal Service


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  Members who turn in their blank POSTAL PULSE 
surveys to the union will be eligible for $$$ drawings
at the General Membership Meetings.  



To All APWU Crafts:
If you receive any official letters notifying you that your job is to be changed, abolished, duties added, duties taken away or time changed, please notify the Union Office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
The Postal Service is taking actions concerning employee’s jobs, and are deceiving you into thinking that the APWU is aware, this is not true. The Union HAS NOT been getting the notifications as required.
Again, if there are any actions affecting your jobs, please notify the Union Office ASAP at 271-0853 or fax a copy of the letter to 224-6221.
The job you save may be your own!!!!

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