Evening falls across the San Antonio skyline, Interstate 35 runs north and south, and downtown high-rises begin to light up. The Hemisphere tower is almost centered in the photo. Welcome to San Antonio.

Be informed with SAAAL 0195 videos from the Craft Directors.  Also other Union videos are here.  All the latest videos are at the top of each craft director.

President’s Award recipients 

Clerk Craft Director  –  Carlos Barrios

Clerk Craft Director of Stations – Ruben Hernandez

Maintenance Craft Director  –  Robert Proo

Motor Vehicle Craft Director  –  Faron Hierholzer

“Call to Action” videos in front of the San Antonio GMF

September 3rd was another Call to Action picket.  Gina Ortiz Jones and Linda Chavez Johnson came out in support of the APWU.

Don’t forget to hit the gear icon inside of the You Tube app to change your video quality settings to the highest(2160s)  which is 4K.

Texas Public Radio interviewed a few executive board members about what changes have been implemented at the GMF here in San Antonio.  August 17th 2020.

This call to action took place during the COVID 19 pandemic and unfortunately not many members attended, which under the circumstances is understandable.  Nonetheless, it is an important issue that isn’t going away until congress stops trying to privatize the USPS.

This call to action below was from 2018.  4 Unions came together to protest that the US mail service is NOT for sale.  Congress is still hard at work trying to destroy one of America’s finest entities that is for the people.   

Below are all the videos from the local SAAAL 0195 president, Chris Rincon.