Evening falls across the San Antonio skyline on a June evening. In the foreground, Interstate 35 runs north and south, and colors of the downtown highrises begin to light up on this perfect night in Texas
Ana Lynch 40 years of service and Joe Rocha 35 years of service

Click here for pictures of the June State Educational Conference in McAllen

Phil Lundquist – Maintenance

Contract Now!


Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow!

2018 Convention in Pittsburgh.

I’m not always a Postal Worker, but when I am, Even I want a good contract. So, let’s Contract Now!

Photos of SAAAL members hitting out at the time clock for their last time!

Enjoy your last ET and Good Luck from everyone at the SAAAL APWU.

Fernando Eslora
Alejandro Santos
Fernando Castillo
David Rodriguez
Ruben Garcia
Raul Lopez
Archie Phillips
Ronald Burnett
Rudy Esquivel
David McReynolds
Glenn Hampton
Bobby Wilson
Raul Mascorro
Pam Oliver
Linda Puentes
Will Sear
Mark Mattingly

    Carlos Alvarez
Pete Thomas