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When an employee is injured at work, many forms will be placed in front of the employee to sign. Most will be the standard forms. One will be slipped in and it is PS Form 2488.

This an authorization for medical report. Under no circumstances should this form be signed. It gives postal management the authority to dig into all your medical records from birth until today.

Most of this medical information postal management has no business knowing. If management says an employee needs to sign this form in order to process their claim easier, this is totally false. This is your private record and management has no right to do it. DO NOT ALLOW THEM THIS ACCESS.

If a compensation claim ensues from an injury, the inspection service would use this to pry into your private life in order to find something to get you, the employee.

Remember, DO NOT SIGN PS FORM 2488. An employee has a perfect right not to sign this form.

As a reminder, it is always best for an employee to read any form placed in front of them by management.  If an employee has a concern, ask for a union steward to be present to answer your questions.