Evening falls across the San Antonio skyline on a June evening. In the foreground, Interstate 35 runs north and south, and colors of the downtown highrises begin to light up on this perfect night in Texas

Jonell Mackay Memorial Scholarship

For the Rules and the application form

4 winners were chosen for 2020.  Unfortunately with the COVID 19 pandemic, no meetings are possible.  Members however were able to either meet privately with the Union or send in photos of their family members with the award.


Here is the 2019 winner of the Jonell MacKay Scholarship
Presented at the 5-18-2019 Union Meeting. Only one applicant applied this year.

NewsFlash Vol 15 Number 33 2019 Scholarship Winner

Here are the 2018 winners of the Jonell MacKay Scholarships
Presented at the 5-19-2018 Union Meeting. Only two applicants applied this year.