Your rights, wages, hours and working conditions are provided by your Contract – the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and your Local Memorandum of Understanding (LMOU). Your Contract is your protection on the job and was signed by both the APWU and the USPS. Management must abide by its provisions.
Your shop stewards are responsible for protecting your rights under the contract. They will not only respond to your disputes and problems with management, but they will respond to any questions or concerns you have about your job. Proper representation is our purpose, our concern and your right.
Management may appear to be helpful, but remember, they are under no obligation to inform you of your rights under the contract. They are, after all, still management! If you feel your rights have been violated, or if you have a question regarding your rights under the contract, request to see your shop steward or send an e-mail to the address below.
Demand that your rights under the Contract be enforced. Know “when to request a Steward”. If you do not assert your rights you will lose them. Be informed. Stay informed.

     With the latest issues to plague the USPS, COVID 19 has created some new challenges.  There is a liberal leave policy in effect and some supervisors and managers still think it is a great idea to remind the employees that they must stay regular in attendance.  If you are harassed by supervision, read below.      ↓         ↓         ↓              

When To Request a Steward

You should also request a steward if…

  • You are issued any form of discipline.
  • You are issued a letter of demand.
  • You are charged with AWOL.
  • You are ordered to obtain a medical documentation for any absence of three days or less.
  • You are on the overtime desired list and were overlooked for overtime.
  • You bid on a job and it is awarded to a junior employee.
  • You are asked to leave the workroom floor by or with a supervisor, for any reason.
  • You are being given a day in court, request a Steward immediately. (A steward is not required and should not be present during a discussion.)
  • Your supervisor intimidates or harasses you.
  • You are approached by any Postal Inspector. You have the right to have a Union Steward present during questioning, so demand a Union Steward immediately!
  • If you have any questions about your job, your duties, your leave, your health insurance, your pay, your rights, request to see your Steward.
  • If you will be undergoing any medical, dental or optical examination or treatment of any kind, including examination and/or treatment for pregnancy, and you provide notice in advance, you may elect to use your sick leave on your Form 3971. These absences, if applied for in advance, are NOT unscheduled absences, but are considered pre-approved absences. If management cites any pre-approved absence against you, request to see your Steward.

With the introduction of the new Time and Attendance system (RMD) there are several procedures being implemented by the USPS which the APWU has grieved at the National level. On the Local level we are filing the appropriate grievances when these procedures are applied to an absence. So, if you have any questions about this new system, if you have been requested to provided FMLA or other medical documentation in connection with your absence which you feel is improper, or if any other question or problem, request to see your Shop Steward immediately

Do not rely solely on your supervisor’s opinion and/or knowledge. You may listen to what your supervisor has to say, but remember, your supervisor is management. You should still be afforded the opportunity to see your Steward.  if you feel that anything you may say to your supervisor can lead to discipline, invoke your Weingarten Rights immediately.

Be informed, stay informed.