Are you soon going to be a Retiree?
Many of you are soon to retire and when you retiree you will find that your life will change. Most of the time more than you can imagine. You can do what you, when you want. As a retired Union Officer and a member of the San Antonio Retiree’s Chapter I would like to invite you to join us as a Retiree of the APWU. You will have a choice of continuing your membership either by maintaining Full Dues Paying Membership or becoming a Member of our local Retiree Chapter. The retiree membership dues are only $3 a month ($36 a year) and can be deducted directly from your retirement or you can be a cash due and pay yearly. When you retire you can either get a retiree membership form from the Local’s office on Lookout Run or the National APWU will send you a form to fill out. If you need more information or a form you can contact the Local Union Hall 210-271-0853. The San Antonio Retiree Chapter wants to include all APWU Retirees with no exclusion.
You may ask yourself why would you want to join the Retiree Chapter? It’s really a simple answer from my perspective and should be from yours. You spent numerous years as an APWU member for a multiple of various reasons. Some of the same reasons along with others such as APWU Health Plan, Voluntary Benefits Plan programs, APWU Accident Benefit Association and more are the reasons to join when you retire. The National APWU continues to represent you after you retire. We are as retired Postal Workers are still impacted by the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). Your dues will help the National Union fight for you while you enjoy your retirement. We have bi-monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of the month, with lunch, and your fellow retirees are always interested in hearing ideas of things to do, or ways to help you with issues that may be new to you and other members may have experienced themselves.
So, if you are retiring soon please consider joining the San Antonio Retiree Chapter. Sterling Ricks is the Retiree President and Ruben (R.Q.) Rodriquez is the Vice President .
Yours always in Solidarity
Sterling Ricks – Retiree President

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Retirement Information that is important for you

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