Evening falls across the San Antonio skyline, in the foreground, Interstate 35 runs north and south, and colors of the downtown highrises begin to light up on this perfect night in Texas!

Maintenance Craft San Antonio Texas

Robert Proo
Maintenance Craft Director







Liberal Leave Extension policy

liberal leave extension

Latest news on the COVID 19 virus.  




special edition MMO 031-20


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2019 State Conference in Killeen




2018 Pittsburgh Convention maintenance attendees


MS 1 BEM Staffing Updates

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“Custodian Team Cleaning (CTC): Doomed to Fail”


Older news from the Maintenance craft

Glenn Hampton, Maintenance ET on Tour 3 just retired. Here are a few photos wishing him a happy retirement.

Enjoy the retirement Glenn!


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Lock Changes MS 45 Step 4

Custodians stripping floors Arbitration case



BGP – 18650

ECBM task

Level 4 Custodians riding on mowers is a level 5 task.  Click here to read the Arbitration

  Article 25 step 3 grievance E00T-1E-C-06155464Issue – Level 3 custodians and level 6 mechanics paid at level 7 higher level painter pay!

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